Martin Machine: A Rich History In Custom Machined Bronze Parts

In our nearly 50 year history of producing high-quality custom machined parts, Martin Machine has developed a tremendous amount of expertise in producing machined bronze parts, bearings, and bushings for a wide variety of industries and applications. We have custom machined bronze parts such as bearings, bushings, washers, wear plates, and many other parts from a wide range of copper-based alloy castings and extrusions from these popular materials:

  • C36000 Free Cutting Brass
  • C63000 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
  • C67300 Silicon-Manganese Brass
  • C86300 Manganese Bronze
  • C92700 Tin Bronze
  • C93200 Tin Bronze
  • C95400 Aluminum Bronze

For a comprehensive reference of the materials we have available to use in our production, please visit our Cast Copper Bronze Alloys Specifications Reference.

Advantages Of Bronze Materials In Industry Applications

As a material, bronze has tremendous qualities that make it ideal for use in bearings and bushings. It is hard to find a better material for applications that are in caustic environments that include salt, dirt, or any type of adverse environment on the bearing. It is not surprising to find a bronze part that has been performing satisfactorily for many years even under severe operating conditions. As a material, bronze produces less friction and heat which contributes to the longevity of the part. For example, a steel part on a steel part will ultimately fail much sooner than a bronze part on a steel part.

Bronze has very good lubricity so it does not require the same amount of lubrication as other materials. Bronze parts can be manufactured to be self-lubricating with some form of pre-lubrication, providing continuous lubrication throughout the life of the bearing or other part. From a manufacturing perspective, bronze is easier and faster to machine than other metals and is more forgiving of tooling. It is a relatively soft material and easy to machine with the proper expertise such as you will find at Martin Machine. And while bronze is prone to oxidation and discoloration, it rarely affects the material in the same way oxidation will affect steel or other metals.

While bronze has many desirable material qualities for bearings, bushings, and other parts – its major disadvantage is cost. Bronze is a copper-based alloy with its base element being copper which makes bronze relatively more expensive than other materials. However, when factors such as the longevity and performance of bronze bearings and bushings are taken into consideration, the upfront investment in cost is quickly recovered over the operational lifespan of the parts.


Most Common Industries And Applications That Utilize Bronze Parts

Many industries utilize bronze bearings, bushings, and other parts and take advantage of the tremendous qualities bronze has to offer. The primary industries are:

  • Oil
  • Agricultural
  • Heavy Construction

Just to name a few. Anywhere there is a wear surface, you are likely to find bronze being used such as:

  • Truck and automotive aftermarket parts
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Gear motors
  • Industrial equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Winches and hoists
  • Injection molding machines
  • Stamping presses
  • Valves


Martin Machine – your partner in custom machined bronze bearings, bushings, and other bronze parts

Martin Machine is your ideal partner for producing custom machined bronze bearings, bushings, and other parts for your industrial applications. We have direct access to quality raw materials for bronze, and we strive for the fastest turnaround times for our customers. As an AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, you can be assured of our commitment to producing the highest quality custom machined parts available. We have the technical excellence and industry expertise to provide your custom machined bronze parts quickly and efficiently.

To learn more, visit our Contact Us page and request a quote today. Or call 419-373-1711 for more information.

When you need quality parts quickly, Martin Machine delivers!

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